FK Custom Drum Sticks

from Franklin Kiermyer

I’ve been working closely for the past couple of years with a great stick maker, my very talented friend Bořivoj Rektořík at R - stick. We've been on a quest to develop my ideal stick. We’ve gone through more than 70 iterations so far. I’m very happy with what we’ve come up with – these are the best feeling and sounding sticks I’ve ever used – but I don’t imagine we're done yet.

For a long time now, I’ve wanted a stick that sounded full, had clear attack and felt well-balanced, with maximum rebound, without needing to hold them close to the end. I hold them closer to the middle than most people. About 1/3 up from the end. The idea is that if you have some weight at the end (in back of your fulcrum point) the rebound will be quicker and the whole motion will feel more fluid. You can loosen up on your grip more that way, which contributes to the breadth of the music. I also wanted to get as much reach as if I was holding a stick towards the back, like a lot of drummers do. Personally, I like a long reach so I can sit back, relax and have my drums and cymbals spaced in an open array. I used to use ‘Saul Goodman” symphonic snare drum sticks. They had an oval tip, were 17” long by .635” diameter and were made of maple. They were the longest sticks I could find and thick, like 2Bs. They stopped making them some years ago. They were a bit stiff for me. That was the maple, but I liked the length and the girth.

Length: 452 mm (17.80 inches)
Shaft Diameter: 15 mm (0.59 inches)
Head Shape: Modified Acorn
Head Length: 19,5 mm
Head Diameter: 13,2 mm
Neck Diameter: 7,70 mm
Neck length to head: 70 mm
Wood Type: Hornbeam - which is close to the weight of maple, but a bit more elastic.
Finish: A thin coat of Clear lacquer
Weight: 52g

So, these are the longest drum sticks I’ve ever seen, but they really work for me.

PS: the logo next to my name is Tibetan for the Sanskrit tantric syllable “Hum”.

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Franklin Kiermyer New York, New York

drummer • composer • band-leader

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